Corey's MR2

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Member: Corey Straub

Vehicle: 1991 Toyota mr2

Instagram: @Datdopemr2

 Corey is no stranger to building impressive cars. Corey had a crazy Del Sol build that was unfortunately stolen. This could have discouraged a lot of people but Corey came back swinging with this incredibly sexy MR2. 

First off, tell us some of your favorite mods you have done so far, and why: Custom led tail lights, cage, exhaust. I love my tail lights and exhaust because they’re one of a kind and I’ve always wanted a car with a cage and finally got one.

What made you decide to build your MR2:

I built a mr2 because they’re one of those cars you just don’t see often. I love the t-tops and the different factor of the mid engine.

What are your future plans for the car:

At this time I don’t have to many plans. Have another project going.

Favorite memory involving the car:

 Favorite memory...I haven’t had the car out as much as I wanted. Only been on the road about a year. Maybe soon I’ll have something to say is a favorite memory. But for now it’s just cruising on a summer night with the tops off.

Most challenging moment/issue with the car:

I bought the car with a blown n/a motor. So not knowing anything about mr2’s I jumped in and did a full turbo swap. Motor, trans, wiring, etc. But it all worked out pretty good. On another note, another moment with the car was about a week after I bought it, when I learned the kid I bought it from committed suicide.

Favorite events you’ve had the car at:

Haven’t had it to many events yet. Maybe this year. But the event at my work (Raceseng) is the best so far.

How did you hear about/join Formative:

Been friends with the Cody brothers for a couple years now. Met them at clean culture. Always a good time hanging with them.

What does a “Formative” lifestyle mean to you:

Formative means family. Group of guys and girls that have a passion for cars. Helping each other out and having a good time.

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