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Owner: Alex Mauk

Year: 1996

Make / Model: BMW 328is

Instagram: @lowlylife


Mod List: oh man.. let’s see welded diff, coil overs, longer control arms, modded steering angle, hydraulic ebrake, over fenders, full lip kit, racing seats, harnesses, steering wheel, and paint. I know there’s other things I’m missing.

First off, tell us some of your favorite mods you have done so far, and why?

To be honest I would probably have to say welding the differential. I bought the car four years ago to build a drift car. So when I welded the diff it felt that I was finally getting somewhere with drifting.

 What made you decide to build your BMW?

Ok so quick story. I was looking for a car to build into a drift car and BMWs were still reasonably priced so that’s what I was leaning towards. Well one morning I was sleeping and I got woken up to my buddy Tyler kicking my bed saying “wake up! You just bought a bmw!” He found a car at a friends place of work that they only wanted a few hundred dollars for. So I went and bought it. Did the little bit of work that it needed and started driving it. He’s why I have I sticker on my car that says “Tyler Sakal ruined my life”

 What are your future plans for the car?

Continue drifting it obviously! I wanna cage it soon so I feel safer. Then I don’t know run the wall, try to tap doors, break it rebuild it and repeat haha!

 Favorite memory involving the car?

Oh man so many but I loved h2oi 2017 I put a little over 300 miles on my car down there in three days. That’s just in ocmd I put that mileage on it. It was over 650 miles round trip.

 Most challenging moment/issue with the car?

I wouldn’t say it’s a challenge but it tried to kill me once. I was trying to install a short shifter in my in my driveway and I had a jack stand break the car dropped and pinned me but luckily my brother was close by and heard me yelling. Him and my father helped get me out quickly! I walked away pretty much unharmed thank god!

 Favorite events you’ve had the car at?

Well I’m going to say anytime I go to a drifting event. Car shows are cool and all but I love driving my car so I have more enjoyment from drift events. I’ll never build a car to not drive it no matter how nice it is!

 How did you hear about/join Formative?

Well I had met and became friends with Tom and Brandon and the doggos obviously! Well one day Brandon was like “yo dude we’re starting a car club you wanna be in it?” I said sure man! I never would’ve guessed that it would’ve grown to be what it is today. And I love the fact that I can officially say I’m one of the OG members.

 What does a “Formative” lifestyle mean to you?

Well Formatives Moto is “stay humble, fear none.” I love that! I’m one of the humblest people ever and everyone that I’ve met in the group is for the most part great people! And the fear none, well I’m not afraid of anything or any challenge. I’ll take on something way out of my capabilities just as a learning experience. Everyone takes on challenges and I’ve seen some of the things that y’all have done and accomplished and I love it keep up the good work!



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