Nothing Stops Passion - Mike Verrico's MK6

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We all share a passion, one that revolves around cars and Motorsports of all types. A passion that we often take for granted. BUT we know this passion has a way of driving our lives and when presented with seemingly impossible obstacles Mike not only overcame them but does so with an inspiring and positive outlook. 


I was lucky enough to catch up with Mike and learn a little more about his build!

1. First, tell us some of your favorite mods you have done so far, and why?     My absolute favorite mod about my car is the wheels. They’re a pretty rare wheel made by Speedline Corse. The Alessio’s were made for all types of factory upgraded sports cars in the early 80’ through the 90’s. My originally started out at 5x108 18x8 et36. They then have been built by me to 18x9.25 et7 squared with the help of Felgenfuchs in Germany. I am running Radinox stainless steel outer lips and Felgen’s aluminum/magnesium barrels, with the original chromed faces filled and drilled for 5x112. Then to finish them off I have SRR’s black assembly bolts and then I had the barrels powder coated a satin black so the back of the wheel just blends into the car and the faces and lips just pop in your face.


2. What made you decide to build your MK6?                                                     I decided to build a mk6 GTI because as being a VW/Audi tech before being paralyzed, I just absolutely loved these cars. Just the look alone gets me when they’re laid out on the ground and just the way they still handle and perform with mods.

3. What are your future plans for the MK6?

  The future plans for this car is that I have not a damn clue. Some plans are just making sure everything is solid and tight then maybe make the wheels even more awesome lmfao.

4. What is one of your favorite memories involving the car?

My favorite memory for this car is just so damn hard because there are just so many but if I had to pick it would be when I took second place at Euro’d Out at Englishtown. Now before this win I’ve only won one other thing back in high school with another car at our schools car show and that was about 6 years before this. So when they called my name I was so shocked I didn’t even want to go get the trophy and all my said my face looked like a little girl who just was told she now has her own unicorn

 5. Most challenging moment / issue with the car?

The most challenging moment with the car was trying to figure out how to work on it all over again after being paralyzed from a motorcycle accident. I knew how to do everything I knew what to do but it was trying to figure how to do it in a wheelchair now. It took a long time of needing a had from a few good friends and a lot of road blocks and new learning curves. After awhile I was able to do the things I used to do but with a different approach now, hell I can even put my own wheels on the car now however I still can’t see how well I’m doing while washing the roof of it.

6. Favorite events you have had the car at?

My favorite event I’ve had the car at was 2018’s H2NOi with you guys at to Formative house. Just chilling with amazing friends that I’ve known for years but was never actually able to meet in person until this past year. It was like we’ve all been close ass friends since childhood and that’s just pure as it can be. Nothing was better that mobbing down Coastal Highway with all of us.

 7. How did you hear about / join Formative?

I actually heard about you guys at a Clean Culture show and I forgot who it was but he came up to me and my car and asked my buddy if it was his and he pointed to me and he was shocked it was mine but in like a good way. Then we started talking about the car and me driving, working on it and just shooting the breeze. Then he asked me if I wanted to be in Formative and I was pretty hyped and got my banner and put it on at the show.

8. What does a "Formative Lifestyle" mean to you?

Formative means to me fun, friends, FAMILY and just great cars, great people and just amazing for the car scene. Everyone I’ve met because of you guys I can consider a family member. Formative=family


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