Our Photographer Chadwick - A Bright-spot for the "Scene"

Posted by Brenden McWilliams on

All Summer we flock to shows with excitement, eager to see some cars and hangout with friends. But let's be honest the early mornings (especially for vendors) of getting to venues at 6AM can be exhausting. But certain things, or sometimes people, always make it worth it. 

Well, that is our homie Chadwick. Chadwick not only embodies everything we love about the car scene, he ALWAYS brings a positive and excited energy to every event or shoot. This is a positive energy that as we all know the car scene sorely needs right now. AND he happens to be one of our photographers and we always love catching up with him.

Take a minute to read our Q&A with Chadwick and hit him up for some shoots!

Name: Chadwick Lear

IG: @nickelbag_media 

How did you first get into Photography?

I first started liking photography around the age of 6 or 7. My grandmother would always take photo with the older Kodak’s that you threw away an the interested me!! Then later on I began to buy these throwaways and pretended like I was my grandmother! She was a huge influence you can say!!! Also always going to school an having your photo taken also sparked my interest in what does a camera really do!! An from there I feel in love!!

What is your biggest accomplishment thus far in photography? 

My biggest accomplishment is I have pushed myself to act, think, an react differently with certain things that come into my life!! Work, having a job. Family, being closer. Friends, being more social.

Future Goals? 

My future goals with photography are - more depth in my photos, more clarity, more class, more, diversity, bigger events, more local events.

What has been your largest challenge? 

My biggest challenge with photography is how people view your with your artistic abilities we are all on different skill sets an we all grow I have difficulty with windows, rollers, 12 noon, I always try to fight the sun.

What has been your favorite event you have been to?

My favorite events I have been too so far are the junkfood meets!! Their inviting the vibes are really high an the people are GREAT who come out!! It’s always a wonderful time! Then my second favorite has to be Pocono with clean culture that was my first higher class show an I tell you what that was unforgettable!!

How did you hear about / become involved with Formative?

I heard about formative through social media and I began to follow them liking photos showing mad love but one day I said I want to reach out I want to support  the team by going to shows producing similar art like they do and giving people a chance to get their names recognized building off of what they built showing the public anyone can do it along with spreading the high energy that I can bring!! So I reached out to Zach Nyquist and he helps with knowledge, he supports the team, I look at him like someone to be like!! The team has so much to offer that anyone could be apart of the family that’s what I liked when I heard an saw you guys with everything I did over this year.

Show after show I showed support an finally I was approached by formative and was asked if I would like a watermark and to be apart of the team last year was great!! An I keep working hard and I keep supporting knowing that the harder I work the better I get!!

 What does a "Formative" Lifestyle mean to you? 

Formative lifestyle means to me... you build, you struggle, you laugh, you create friendships, you build yourself, your set goals, you stay fearless, you stay strong, you're brave, you are yourself, your GREAT!!! Every day we live the lifestyle of helping one another see a better tomorrow!!





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